Saturday, April 24, 2010

Days and Nights in Vallauris

This is Adia and her friend Etienne. Adia worked in the office of the A.I.R. "Galerie Aqui Siam Ben" and was a joy to see everyday.  She helped out with the language, the bus and train schedules and other practical things and was a lively participant in passionate discussions of art, life and food.

March 17
St Patricks Day. I haven't seen one shamrock or leprechaun.  Will post some images of the town.  Hilly narrow road on the way to the studios.

This is a funny juxtaposition of the sign for bread "pain" on the corner of Avenue de l'hopital:

They have colored lights embedded in the street that make the village look like a colorful art installation at night.  They cast eerie shadows and Nancy and Jason posed in the colored beams. Cats lie on the lights for warmth.