Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Exhibition

March 27
Exhibition today.  My piece with tiles still not hung. To meet Andre this morning at 8 am to hang by the reception at 11 am.  The tiles just came out of the kiln yesterday at 5pm.  I hadn't yet assembled them into a "quilt" and Nancy helped me with the tedious tying on of ties and a trip to the hardware store to get more supplies, including hanging rods..  Also, took Dawn's suggestion to heart and separated the two colors into white porcelain and red terracotta.  They had shrunk at different rates and the look wasn't coming together with the pattern I had envisioned. My clothes for the reception will be the same things I've worn all month, but clean.  Glad I remembered to pick up my laundry last night.

Finally hung and the crowd arrives

Jason Walker's blue alter ego embodies Vallauris

Dawn Whitehand's work included sculptures of the chimneys on the roofs of Vallauris

Nancy Aleo displayed a series of paintings on traditional Mexican bark paper.  The shape of the offering bowls beneath the paintings were based on a seashell.

My wall of 17 little masks reflecting the diversity of the area

An exercise in techniques: underglaze paints and pencils, china paint, scraffito on a colored slip, decals, building up the clay surface, cutting through the clay...

Dawn Whitehand also made a series of nesting forms based on a life form found on the beach at Golfe Juan. 

Across a Tender Ocean, my porcelain quilt with paint and paper collage.

Nancy Aleo's work touched on her vision quest and the spiritual path she continued in the foothills of the Maritime Alps.  This was drawn in white ink over black gesso.

Jason's cicadas and owl