Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Tuesday Feb 23.
Arrived in Vallauris today.  Dale Dorosh, the founder of A.I.R. Vallauris and an intern Andrea, met me and another Nancy  from Boston at the airport in Nice.  He drove us the 20 minutes or so to the center of Vallauris and our new old digs for the next six weeks.  Up a narrow flight of stairs, leaving shoes and donning slippers, we were escorted to our tiny convent like bedrooms.  I share a bath and common area outside my room with Dawn, another resident who arrived yesterday from Australia. 

Finally met up with the fourth resident, Jason, who arrived later from Seattle.  Dale had prepared a light but very filling repast of fresh breads and cheeses, salmon, ham, tapenade, tomatoes and wine.  We ate and got to know each other a bit before cleaning up and heading back to our respective quarters.  Dawn went to meet her partner and young son who are staying nearby.  A convenient arrangement as he is working on his own project, leaving her time with the residency but providing company on occasional outings.  Dale will meet us tomorrow for a tour of the town and the studio and an excursion to get clay and other supplies.

Wednesday Feb 24
A quick walking tour of the surrounding neighborhood, including a  few museums.  Then off in the van to buy clay and some art materials. 


Back in the studio we divied up the space.  There are two studios with several work stations. No actual work yet though. 

A nice lunch in a restaurent on an upper floor which looked out over roofs and the street below.  All of us trying out our rudimentary French. Jason Walker seems the most game, striking up conversations with strangers and  asking for a doggie bag ("une boite", we learned from the waitress) when we were unsure of the protocol of asking at all.  Dawn Whitehand, the Australian, is a flaming red head with a ready wit and a strong feminist streak.  Nancy Aleo teaches at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has Mediterranean features, a ready smile and hair that falls to her waist. She has already received a marriage proposal from the man on the first floor.  

Back in the kitchen we chatted, talked a bit about our work.  Shared a pot of popcorn in the evening. Nancy and I closed down the kitchen after working at our respective laptops  at the kitchen table.  In bed by 12:30, read til 1 or 2.