Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meet the Artists

Friday February 26
We did our presentations today, each of the residents showing images and talking about our work.  I began with a slide show and talk of how my work has progressed over the last few years.  Since clay is not my primary medium, this will be a challenge for me.  Since founding  440 Gallery with Shanee Epstein five years ago my work has taken a few twists and turns,  specifically into quilt forms.

This will be an opportunity to focus on where I want apply my energies.

Jason Walker followed with a slide show of his ceramic work.  Jason lives in Washington state  and is currently represented by Ferrin Gallery in Massachusetts. He received a fellowship for the residency here from NCECA  (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts). His work is about the intersection between nature and technology.  He is an excellent draftsman  as well as a skilled ceramicist.   

Nancy Aleo then shared a slide show  of her own work as well as actually paintings in a large hand made portfolio.  Nancy teaches at Mass College of Art and Design and is  the president of the Board of Trustees of the Attleboro Arts Museum.  She is an accomplished potter but she will be primarily painting and drawing.  Her work is  based on synesthesia and her  paintings are of sounds she sees as certain colors and shapes.  Her work is also nature based and she is anxious to explore nearby parks and beaches for inspiration. She has spent a great deal of time in Mexico and her imagery reflects that culture as well as spirituality.  This the sound of rain on a metal gutter:

 This is one of her Vision Scrolls: Rising:

Dawn Whitehand has just finished her Phd in ceramics and she showed work done for her recently completed thesis.  Dawn's work is also deeply rooted in nature. The ceramic pieces, hand polished  organic shapes, many of them pit fired on her own property, were installed in a natural setting among a circle of trees.

There were also pieces installed in water.  The philosophical structure of the work is feminist and embraces an intuitive,  female, earth-based energy. Apart from the thesis work, there was an ephemeral piece created for a site specific area on the shore of an ecologically threatened lake.  These were three large forms, unfired, that she then placed in the water to dissolve.

Very inspiring to see everyone's work.