Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9 Tuesday
There are a few things that mar this idyll. First, it's cold outside. 25 degrees farenheit today, a low of 17. One of the main reasons I sought a residency in winter was to get away from the cold. The decision to come here first before heading south to Vallauris was to hang out with C & B. It turns out they had planned to be away for their own escape from the cold. A bit of miss- communication that really is ok as I love being alone and while I am in their apartment I am in a way in their presence anyway. The problem is cold. When it's cold and you are with someone, you don't notice it so much. Cold and alone means an unwillingness to venture out of the apartment except for necessities.

The other glitch is my knees and the fact that the apartment is up many flights of stairs. On the third floor but with the high ceilings, it is a double flight for each level. Out the kitchen and bedroom windows there are trees in the back garden that in full leaf give the apartment the feel of a tree house. But it's winter now and the branches are bare. The view is of the backs of other houses with empty balconies with dried plants. A bit desolate in a romantic kind of way. Occasionally one sees movement and life behind a dimly lit window.

I discovered an old painting of mine in their bathroom. Several people have put my work in their bathrooms. There is something about my small funny or erotic nudes that suit a bathroom. It doesn't bother me. Everyone goes to the bathroom. It's a very public, yet intimate, space. This one is from my distorted sensual phase about 15 years ago. I painted it to be hung vertically or horizontally, variable, like a couple in bed.